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Wish fulfils one more Wish for Health and Pleasure by launching the Natural Energy Bars Wish Bars, free from added sugar and preservatives !

Motivated by the need for a healthy snack throughout the day, Wish created the first Greek Superfood Bar, in collaboration with a scientific team of nutritionists, in order to offer us Physical Energy and High Nutritional Value!

The Wish Bars Philosophy is based on the simplicity and purity of raw materials found in nature: honey, nuts and dried fruits!

The quality and the nutritional value of the raw material remains genuine, without the addition of harmful substances such as artificial preservatives and sugar.

High Nutritional value and delicious flavor get combined in a unique healthy snack suitable for anyone! Wish Bars are the ideal choice for children, people who play sports or follow a balanced diet because of pregnancy, obesity, cholesterol or diabetes.

In accordance with our philosophy, the creation of Wish Bars packaging was undertaken by Natural Talents of Painting!

Children from the “The Smile of the Child”, an organization defending children’s rights, imprinted the most innocent images of nature and created the Wish Bars packaging with their paintings:

Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού
Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού
Today, the Wish Family includes a complete range of Healthy Nutritional Products rich in taste and nutritional value! You can find the full range of the Wish Family at: Wish Snacks
Your Wishes are our Inspiration!